Become a Prospect 772 Wine Club Member

Wine Club

If you want to become a member, we have a unique and refreshing approach to our membership. All you have to do is buy a case of wine at 10% off and you are a member!

With that, you get:

  • You get 10% off your purchases for a year, and complimentary tastings when you visit the Tasting Room at Appaloosa Vineyards.

  • Additional discounts 2-3 times a year when we hold Members Only events and promotions.

  • Complimentary cheese pairing and tasting for you and up to 8 of your guests when you visit our tasting room. (Reserve ahead)

  • Annual Smoked Rib BBQ and Library Wine Tasting at Appaloosa Vineyards.

  • Additional Members Only Events that will occur throughout the year when we are itching to throw a party.

  • At any time you buy 6 bottles of wine in one purchase, your membership will be automatically renewed for another year at the time of your purchase. But you must buy 6 bottles to renew your membership prior to your expiration date.

    You will be provided a membership card with a special membership # at the time of purchase either provided at the tasting room, or mailed to you if your order via the website.

    And here is the unique and refreshing part! We don't choose wines for you and ship them out automatically. When you visit our tasting room or website, you get to choose the wine you want, how much you want, and when you want them. So you get to control how much wine your purchase and when you purchase it, throughout the year!